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You know the guy that records a baseball game from the West Coast in July and doesn't watch it until January just to see baseball in the winter? That's me. I'm a writer always in search of a good story, baseball or otherwise.

Ringing in a New Baseball Season in Charlottesville

Last night, that is to say on the evening of January 30th, Martha, Becky, Jesse, and I had the pleasure of attending the University of Virginia “Step Up to the Plate” banquet. This is an annual fundraising affair for the … Continue reading

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The Colonel, Christmas, and Grandma

Christmas has passed and the decorations are down (except at the houses of THOSE people–you know who you are.) There was a fascinating Yuletide story that I didn’t get to during the Holiday Season, however, one that actually appeared on … Continue reading

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Dare to Create Your Self

I once knew a couple whose love was based on pure fiction. The girl had taken a compliment, a few good times, and a little affection, and out of these meager ingredients created a boy who would love and cherish … Continue reading

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It Was All in the (Christmas) Cards

Does anyone else out there remember when Mom set up a card table or commandeered the dining room table for Operation Christmas Cards? Al and I were recently laughing about the tension that often permeated both of our houses as … Continue reading

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The Day of Infamy is Fading

Today, of course, marks the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I say, “of course,” but for many young people now, it’s not a matter of course. It’s a matter of history, and World War II has been … Continue reading

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Auto-correct Can Kiss My Add

One of Life’s great annoyances in this advanced electronic age is the auto-correct spelling feature present in our phones. It never seems to get certain things correct, automatically or otherwise. For example, when I type way I get easy and … Continue reading

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Randolph Scott’s Hat

As I have written before, movies can be unintentionally funny if the writing is poor. Once that occurs, I just can’t take a film seriously. Sloppy scripting is by no means a modern phenomenon, either. I recently watched A Lawless … Continue reading

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