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Signs can be weird, movies can be weird, the deli-counter at any Martin’s is always weird. Sometimes Life works in mysterious and melancholy ways.

Musical Harassment

I read in the paper recently that the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has come under heavy criticism for what some consider its promotion of sexual harassment. An Internet search reveals that the debate over this song, written in 1944 … Continue reading

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Creating People

I create people. As an author, I create characters, endow them with a past, present, and future, put them in predicaments and then extricate them. I can make them tall, short, handsome, ugly, and I can make them make you … Continue reading

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Best Warning Sign Ever

Stupid signs are everywhere as I have written about in the past. Here’s one from Walmart that leaves me confused:Should I enter or stand here or find another door? Is this to confuse the people of Walmart who show up … Continue reading

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The Importance of Saturday Night

While recently rummaging through some old files, I came across the ad for various posters that you see below from 1978, that is 39 years ago. These images are just how I remember these stars, though they are certainly not … Continue reading

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Princess Aloha, the Refugee from Waikiki

It’s always fun to read the ads in old newspapers, but one in particular that I came across recently really caught my attention. My friend Pat Wishart invited me to her home this past summer to look at some old … Continue reading

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Wherever You Want To

Today, I am offering at no charge, the greatest name for a restaurant in the history of restaurantery. If you opened a restaurant called, Wherever You Want To, you would have the most popular eatery on earth, because nine times … Continue reading

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Mom and Me at Old Oriole Park (Indirectly)

I want everyone to know that I have been memorialized in what was once the ballpark in which my mom spent a great deal of time when she was a girl. Well, mentioned is perhaps a better word than memorialized, … Continue reading

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