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Have you looked around lately and wondered, “How in the world did the world get to be this way?” Well, I have the answer, and it’s not blowin’ in the wind, either. Email me at since-1611agisriel at yahoo dot com with Free Stuff in the subject line, and the pdf version of “The History of The World” will blow right into your Inbox.

Yes, that means I will add you to my mailing list so that you can receive any free premiums or specials that I issue in the course of the year, as well as notices about when a new blog post goes up. Don’t worry, that’s about two emails per month, and there will be something in each one of them for you to enjoy. I hate signing up for one specific thing and then getting buried in an email avalanche, most of which have nothing to do with that first thing in which I was interested. I’m not going to do that to you.

By the way, “The History of The World” is an excerpt from A Faith in the Crowd, a “heavenly comedy” to be released in 2017. It seems that one Sam Chapman finds himself on a jet bound for Heaven, a Heaven that is nothing like the one he learned about in Sunday School! At one point, Sam, being a historian, is commissioned by The Boss to write a succinct history of the world, which he does. His report is what I’ll send to you!

If you haven’t already downloaded “Their Glorious Summer” for your Kindle or for any other e-reader, go to the Book Information page and follow the directions. “Their Glorious Summer”chronicles the 1981 rivalry between two college summer-league baseball teams and the future major leaguers who played for the New Market Rebels that summer. It is always FREE.Smashwords coverThanks, and keep checking back for more free stuff!