Mentoring Services

A personal note to my fellow writers:

I am now offering my services as a writing mentor.

Mentor is the most accurate description of my role because I give my clients personal guidance through the process of bringing an idea to the page and then transforming the pages into a successful book or article. I’ve worked with a publisher, I’ve self-published, and I’ve not-published! I have experienced most of the highs and lows of tackling this task, and I have accumulated skills and knowledge that are valuable to other writers.

My goal as a writing mentor is to look out for YOU as much, if not more so than looking after your manuscript.

Many writers can easily imagine the joy involved, but they often don’t take into consideration the frustration. There’s the writing process, the publishing process, and the emotional process, and it is important that all three be considered at the start in order to accurately judge whether a work is ultimately a “success.”

Whether you are starting with an idea or a manuscript, I can help. If you are a business person who is looking to publish a book for clients or customers, I can help. If you are a student who needs to improve a paper or college admission essay. I can help. If you think you’d like to become a writer and you don’t yet have any ideas or know where to begin, I can help.

If you are interested in obtaining my services as a writing mentor, please contact me initially via email at agisriel at yahoo dot com. Our first hour’s consultation is free.