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A Christmas Present For You!

I can’t think of a better present to give my friends and readers on this first day of winter, than a little slice of summer in the form of the 2011 New Market Rebels Highlight reel! Merry Christmas and Happy … Continue reading

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An Interesting Stat Vis a Vis Albert Pujols

Alex Fritz, a St. Louis Cardinals’ fan tweeted a very interesting statistic recently that bolsters my argument that signing Albert Pujols is a smart move by the Angels. Fritz added together all the plate appearances by Hall of Fame batters … Continue reading

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Albert Pujols is a Bargain

Read why I think that the Los Angeles Angels got a bargain by signing Albert Pujols for $250 million over 10 years at

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Baltimore Orioles’ Off Season Outlook

I’m happy to be one of the bloggers who is  contributing to Baseball Digest’s series on all 30 major league baseball teams. Naturally, I’m covering the Orioles and here is my view of what they need to do this off-season … Continue reading

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My Hall of Fame Ballot

One of the joys of being a baseball fan is arguing. Arguing with the umpire over a call at second, arguing with the guy on the barstool next to you about the best defensive shortstop of all time, arguing with … Continue reading

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