Safe at Home photo page

All photos courtesy of Melissa Dodge unless otherwise noted.

The cover shot of Safe at Home: A Season in the Valley
The cover shot of the updated, 2nd edition. By the way, it’s the same game, but that’s Zack Helgeson at bat in the original and Sanchez Gartman in the updated edition.
Chapter 1: Bruce Alger (center) shares a laugh with Charlie Dodge (left) and author Austin Gisriel (right)
Chp 2: Lucas Jones
Chp. 3: Mo Weber
Bonus photo: Mo was never afraid to laugh at himself.
Chp 6: Kay Helsley (standing) reviews potential “draft picks” with Carol Lanham (seated).
Chp. 7: From left to right, Mo Weber, John Combs, Lucas Jones, Corey Paluga, Daniel Rollins
Chp 8: Hail pours down on Rebel Park.
Chp 9: Steve Owens
Chp 10: Nate Furry
Bonus photo: Kevin Rufus
Chp 11: Zak Messer at bat.
Chp 12: Richie Gonzalez shares a book with a very interested party on Reading With the Rebels Day.
Chp 13: Mo gives a batting tip to Zack Helgeson.
Chp 14: Joe Hammond
Bonus photo: Bullpen sports Rally Rain Bonnets
Chp. 15: Jordan Pegram and family
Chp 15: Eric Alessio hands out bottled water and candy during the 4th of July parade.
Chp 16: Zack Helgeson
Chp. 17: Kenny Mickens
Chp 18: Eric Alessio (#19), Zack Helgeson, and the fog that descended on Rebel Park during the game against Luray July 22.
Chp 19: From left to right–Mo Weber, Steve Thiele, Bruce Alger (standing), Eric Alessio, Joe Hammond, Ryan Stauffer, Steve Owens, Kyle Hoffman, Mike Roth, and Dan Rollins
Chp 20: Lucas Jones. Too much rain, too many injuries.
Chp 20: Sanchez Gartman is safe at third . . . despite being tagged out.
Chp 21: Brian Burgess
Chp 21: New Market Rebel fans count down the outs in the bottom of the 9th in Game 3 of the playoffs at Luray.
Chp 22: Seth Kivett (left) and Kenny Mickens (right)
Chp 23: The 2009 New Market Rebels
Bonus photo: Another wonderful image captured by Melissa Dodge. “I’m rockin’ my Rebel jersey, too!” #42 Zack Helgeson, #28 Joe Hammond, #15 Seth Kivett

Chp 23: “Front Row” Fred Miller
Mo Weber’s retired, #1 jersey on the right-center field fence. Massanutten Mountain looms beyond the ballpark. (Photo by author.)

Appendix B

Mickens, Kenny.36535-321262546151122.524191132.4841-44311.978
Gonzalez, Richard.33147-471692256101031.40227518.4387-89011713.941
Cooper, Will.2808-725370003.280334.4190-160201.000
Messer, Zak.27843-411692547122421.44415034.3328-117610019.903
Kivett, Seth.27648-46174344880426.39139143.4076-6619114.916
Gartman, Sanchez.26345-41152304071832.48042441.4324-48774.959
Carroll, George.25018-1456111400011.3758219.3581-1135130.943
Rufus, Kevin.24145-45170374132216.318261852.39724-2990701.000
Pegram, Jordan.24113-13549132218.352506.3052-215399.947
Pierce, Jacob.23414-14477110004.2775012.3080-09893.982
Owens, Steve.2226-418040000.222017.2630-01042.824
Langston, McKinnon.22131-291137250009.23919036.3281-2343.700
Helgeson, Zach.19348-45166233280528.331251071.3322-3353163.992
Townsend, Matt.19337-35135172631412.31915448.2927-84841.981
Leskiew, Matt.16212-937660003.1896113.2953-420031.000
Bryant, Kenny.14813-527140000.2222016.2072-223001.000
Burnside, Matt.1256-28110000.125002.1250-0020.667
Furry, Nate.09410-932330004.1252211.1890-073101.976
Zawadzki, Troy.0835-312110001.083015,1540-0692.882
Burgess, Brian.0001-00000000.000000.0000-0672.867