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You know the guy that records a baseball game from the West Coast in July and doesn't watch it until January just to see baseball in the winter? That's me. I'm a writer always in search of a good story, baseball or otherwise.

A second thought might have been helpful

I try to pay attention to the world around me, but sometimes the world around me gives pause. I’m not talking about the world “out there,” I’m talking about the world right around me, like in the grocery store. Take … Continue reading

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On the receiving of gifts

“It is better to give than to receive,” goes the old adage, and that’s true as far as it does go. Yes, there is joy in giving, but giving is a two-way street. It is also important to learn how … Continue reading

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Alive and Kickin’

I love the Fire TV Stick that I received for Christmas from Martha. I’ve almost mastered the entire sequence of button-pushing required to go from our satellite service to the program for which I’m looking. I’ll sometimes entertain myself by … Continue reading

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“What thing?”

A child’s perspective is an amusing thing. Children think that if they can see a thing, then you can see a thing; and if they imagine a thing, well then, you certainly “see” it, too. I have noticed a tendency … Continue reading

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The Gift or Susan Buys a Horse

Susan counted out each bill carefully as she laid them into the older girl’s palm. “Forty. Forty-one, forty-two, forty-three . . .” She continued peeling off dollar bills until she reached fifty. “There. So, now I own Rusty?” “You sure … Continue reading

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A Christmas Reminder and the Latest regarding Ground Crew Confidential

Season’s Greetings! My Christmas reminder to you is that books make great Christmas gifts! If you need a nice little volume to peek out of the top of someone’s stocking, order Time Is A Pool, my collection of flash fiction. … Continue reading

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Private Buckaroo

One of my favorite movie genres isn’t really an official genre at all: I love the mostly forgotten, everyday movies made between 1942 and 1945. I want to see what the average American on an average day during World War … Continue reading

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Ground Crew Confidential featured on Atlanta Braves Chop Live

Lee Harvey Frazier and I had the privilege of appearing on the November 11th edition of the podcast, Atlanta Braves Chop Live. Hosted by Ray Waldheim and Sean Arias, the podcast covers a wide–and I do mean wide!–range of topics … Continue reading

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Ground Crew Confidential

I am pleased to announce that a book that I have been working on for over a year is now available through Amazon. Ground Crew Confidential is the story of four young men who worked on the ground crew of … Continue reading

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Defining bureaucracy, courtesy of Mr. McGee

October has arrived, the month when monsters light up your television screen, haunt your neighbor’s lawn, and show up on your doorstep in miniature form asking for candy. A nest of insidious monsters lives to the east of us here … Continue reading

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