It’s a Grocery Store! No, It’s a Sex Shop! No, It’s Both!

Driving along America’s highways, you may come across some odd combinations of retail outlets. On old Route 40, just west of Middletown, MD stands a shop in front of which hangs a sign that reads, “Rudy’s Cold Beer and Welding. The little shop that stands half way between the towns of Winchester and Berryville along Route 7 East, however, is far and away the most unusual in its combination of services.

Situated on the right side of Route 7 lies the Oak Hill Grocery although if you read the fine print on the sign they’re a little more than a grocery store. Yes, if you read that sign carefully, you’ll see that this quaint little establishment is actually a grocery store/adult video and novelty store. You don’t see that combination very often, and by “very often,” I mean never–except on Route 7 between Winchester and Berryville.

I’ve travelled past Oak Hill Grocery numerous times now in the past year and finally decided that I had to find out exactly what a grocery/adult video store looks like. Manager Tina Geary is extremely friendly and bade me look around to my heart’s content. As a grocery store, Oak Hill makes a great adult video and novelty store. In the corner to the right of the door, stand four shelves, each about three feet long and none very deep. One shelf is home to a few cans of Campbell’s Soup. Another shelf houses a few bags of chips, although the chips share some space with (I kid you not) Hustler Trading Cards. Boy, and I thought getting a Cal Ripken Rookie was cool. Anyway, once I had checked out the grocery aisles–aisle–shelf, Tina urged me to inspect the rest of the store, which I did although I covered my eyes. I had to look through my fingers in order to navigate the multiple rooms and numerous aisles of this section of Oak Hill Grocery.

I know many of you might be a bit reserved about visiting a place such as Oak Hill Grocery, but now you can put your minds at ease for I have investigated for you and you need not stop by. On the other hand, if you like old-fashioned friendly service–and you’re out of soup, then stop in and tell Tina I sent you.

About Austin Gisriel

You know the guy that records a baseball game from the West Coast in July and doesn't watch it until January just to see baseball in the winter? That's me. I'm a writer always in search of a good story, baseball or otherwise.
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11 Responses to It’s a Grocery Store! No, It’s a Sex Shop! No, It’s Both!

  1. Larry Bryant says:

    Hi Austin,

    I am laughing at what you wrote because I have seen very similar “mixed merchandise” little stores in Georgia. I was wondering if Tina was also the writer, an actor, producer, and camera operator in some of the movies? Don’t answer or I will know if you stayed long enough to do some shopping at Oak Hill Grocery!

    Hope you are doing well.



    • There are so many comments that I’d like to write and could write, but I think I’ll leave them unwritten! I’m fine, Larry, thank you and I hope you and yours are happy and healthy down in Georgia!


  2. Bonnie Lane says:

    Pretty funny! We drive by every time we go to our ballroom dance studio……and I’ve noticed the sign but never have gone in. Maybe we should stop in for some potato chips.


  3. Jerry Lane says:

    It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. Thanks for quenching my curiosity


  4. Ross says:

    Went there and it was really good!


  5. nikki says:

    Love the shop i go in very often love the shop keepers there always a blast


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