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Alive and Kickin’

I love the Fire TV Stick that I received for Christmas from Martha. I’ve almost mastered the entire sequence of button-pushing required to go from our satellite service to the program for which I’m looking. I’ll sometimes entertain myself by … Continue reading

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Those dance masters were a persistent bunch

Yet another mention of the concern over dirty dancing appeared in the January 17, 2022 edition of the Winchester Star‘s “Out of the Past” feature. The following is dated January 12, 1922: The “jazz” dance is slowly but surely being … Continue reading

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Life Magazine Loving the Lindy: August 23, 1943

Judging from the movies made during World War II, one would think that every service man and woman was an expert swing dancer, except, of course, for the goofy side-kick who was always stepping on the feet of the leading … Continue reading

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