A Sentimental Sendoff

Bryan Anthony

Bryan Anthony

I went back to the D-Day Memorial one final time last night for the concert given by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. A group of talented musicians led by Terry Myers and featuring outstanding vocalist Bryan Anthony faithfully recreated the music of the man known as the “Sentimental Gentleman of Swing.”

The night was as beautiful as the music, with a half moon appearing high above the Overlord Arch during the second set. Just at dusk, a group of 29th Division reenactors appeared on the Arch plaza looking down at the concert below. At a glance, and for a second it seemed that 1944 and 2014 had become all jumbled together. There was something in their casual, approving pose. Such are the moments at events like this. After all, the past has to be somewhere, even if it is only in our hearts and our imaginations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It seems unfair of me to talk about Tommy Dorsey without providing a way for you to listen as well. Therefore, I offer my favorite TD song and one that I think is most appropriate to the occasion.

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2 Responses to A Sentimental Sendoff

  1. bonjer70 says:

    “After all, the past has to be somewhere, even if it is only in our hearts and our imaginations.” How true, Austin, how TRUE! It has to be somewhere … and my father told me to never forget what happened on D-Day. When I became an adult he gave me a gold plated half dollar on a gold plated rope chain (I’m holding it in my hand now). The coin is the Walking Liberty, a lovely lady walking with her skirt billowing around her legs with the sun rising behind her on her right side. At the bottom of the coin, beneath her skirt, the year is imprinted …. 1944. OH MY! As you well know, the reason he gave me this decorated coin is because I was born just hours after the D-Day invasion. This coin is almost sacred to me. It gives this most hallowed event and time a presence … a tangible identity.


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